Earn $150 🐳 every time one of your friends becomes a Triple Whale customer

Love Triple Whale? Why keep it to yourself? For each new Triple Whale customer you reel in, we'll give you $150. What are you waiting for? Complete the form and join our customer referral program today!

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How does it work?


Complete the form above. We'll send you an email with your custom referral link.


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When someone signs up, we'll give you a $150 gift card to a Triple Whale customer of your choice.

We shared Triple Whale with our friends and look what happened

HubSpot Video

Obvi offers re-generative ingredients in delicious drinks, with a variety of flavors and products to please everybody.

When the iOS 14 update hindered Obvi’s ability to scale ads, they turned to Triple Whale. With trustworthy attributions from the Triple Pixel, they got actionable data, slashed the time it took to compile and interpret performance across all of their channels, and saw:

  • 📈 117% Increase in Scale
  • 💰 67% Increase in Revenue
  • ⬇️ 44% Decrease in Facebook CPA
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The Ocean of Awesomeness is the backbone of our new customer referral program.

Instead of sending something boring to the people who refer their friends to Triple Whale, we thought it would be awesome to let them choose products from one of the 5,000+ stores using our app. 


What is the Triple Whale Customer Referral Program?

The Triple Whale Customer Referral Program is designed to reward customers when they encourage their friends to subscribe to Triple Whale. When you refer new paying customers to Triple Whale, we give you a $150 gift card.

A gift card to a Triple Whale customer's store?

Yes! Referrals get Triple Whale. Referrers get free stuff. Our customers earn sales. Everybody wins.

How do I sign up for the customer referral program? Alll you need to do is complete the form at the top of this page. We'll send you a confirmation email with your custom referral link.

How do I claim my $150 gift card(s)? When someone uses your referral link, we'll send you a notification letting you know you're eligible to visit the Ocean of Awesomeness. Simply head to OofA, select the brand you'd like to support, and we'll send you a gift card to that store within a week.

Does it cost anything to join?


Do I need to be a Triple Whale customer?

Yes, and for good reason. The goal of this program is to highlight our customers and reward users whose experience using Triple Whale has been so positive that they feel compelled to share it with their people.

Where can I go if I have more questions?

Check out the terms page or reach out to us at customer-referrals@triplewhale.com