Join the Ocean of Awesomeness™️ and we'll buy your products for your fellow Triple Whalers 🐳

Imagine a world where people who introduce their friends to the Triple Whale community are rewarded with gift cards to the most interesting stores on the internet (and the best part? We foot the bill). 

Congratulations: You just invented the Ocean of Awesomeness.

Share your brand with 5,000+ Triple Whale customers

Trusted by 5,000+ stores

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What's the Ocean of Awesomeness, is it actually trademarked, and how do I sign up?

Fair question. Not yet. Complete the form! ⬆️

The Ocean of Awesomeness is the backbone of our new customer referral program. Instead of sending something boring to the people who refer their friends to Triple Whale, we decided to give them a shopping spree to one of the 5,000+ stores using our platform. 

Here's how it works.

  • You complete the form at the top of this page

  • Your store is listed in the Ocean of Awesomeness, along with everyone else who joins the program

  • When someone is referred to Triple Whale by a member of our customer referral program, the referrer picks any store from the Ocean of Awesomeness and we send them a $150 gift card.


What is the Ocean of Awesomeness?

The Ocean of Awesomeness is a part of the Triple Whale Customer Referral Program. It's a directory of brands that use Triple Whale.

When a member of our customer referral program refers someone, they receive $150 to spend in the Ocean of Awesomeness.

We send them an email letting them know it's time to go shopping; they browse the directory, select a store, and receive a gift card. Simple!

How do I sign up?

Complete the form on this page and we'll list your brand on the Ocean of Awesomeness.

Does it cost anything to join?

Absolutely not.

Do I need to be a Triple Whale customer?

Yes, and for good reason. The goal of this program is to highlight our customers and reward users whose experience using Triple Whale has been so positive that they feel compelled to share it with their people.

Where can I go if I have more questions?

Reach out to us at

The Triple Whale Customer Referral Program

When you sign up for the Ocean of Awesomeness, we'll automatically enroll you in the Customer Referral Program, too. Every time someone uses your unique referral code to book a demo and become a Triple Whaler, we'll give you a $150 gift card to any store in the Ocean of Awesomeness.